The Nudgery

big learning in small, local steps

The Nudgery matches professionals willing to teach specific skills and knowledge with those in the local community who need to learn.  Learners and teachers simply fill out the subjects they are interested or qualified in and we notify you when there is a potential connection.  Launched April 8, 2018, at Startup Weekend DC, our motivation is to provide a free mechanism for those considered “low-skilled” or “unskilled” to gain free access to local training in Until 1 August 2018, we are completely free as we launch in the Washington DC area and prove our concept.  As the concept is proven, we will be switching to a more robust experience with a seamless payment method for those who wish to charge hourly for their service.


You want to learn a skill.


You have a skill to share.


You are looking for skills.


You want to assist the effort.